The Light Infantry Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum


The Light Infantry commissioned a memorial  which was dedicated at the National Arboretum on Sunday 12 June 2011.

The Memorial

The Light Infantry Memorial comprises of a large piece of Portland Stone, simply adorned with the Bugle badge, the universal symbol of the founding Regiments and, flanking it on both sides two seats, also of Portland Stone.  On these seats are carved the Regimental badges of all those English Regiments who have served as Light Infantry at some time since 1946.  Looking at the Memorial, the badges are from the left those of:

Somerset Light Infantry (until 1959)
Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry (from 1959)
Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry (until 1959)
Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (Green Jackets from 1958)
King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
King’s Shropshire Light Infantry
Durham Light Infantry
Herefordshire Light Infantry (until 1967)

Public Remembrance Service

The National Memorial Arboretum (NMA) holds a Public Remembrance Service on 11th November each year, individuals should note that parking is tight and will cost £3.00 (link at top of page).


Light Infantry Wreath laying responsibilities

The Rifles Secretary (Midlands) will ensure that a wreath is laid at the LI Memorial at the beginning of November each year.



The National Memorial Arboretum (External Link)

Book of Remembrance (PDF)